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A Fishy Tale

Some people live charmed lives I reckon I have. Over the years I've had more stitches than a Singer sewing machine and should've had complementary shares in Elastoplast. Some of my calamities or near escapes have been acts of pure stupidity, others have been pure accidents.  I've inherited my fathers sense of adventure, abet sometimes as a child I took that adventure a step to far, it would take a book to cover them all but....
I was ten years old when the family went on a cruise down the Australian coastline to New Zealand and back. The liner was lovely with a mostly Italian crew with gorgeous Italian accents.  The ship was called  Achille Lauro  and several years later it made world news it was hijacked by the PLO, Finally it met it's end when it caught fire and sunk.

Kids can get bored on cruises and I was no exception,  Thick doors separated our standard passenger side from the first class side. I'd lean on the ship rails and try to get a glimpse of t…


Coping with almost no eyesight is challenging and sometimes stressful. Some days I cope far better than others and some days I have a slight bit more vision than others. When I say a slight bit more, I mean approximately 5% vision.

My life was transformed with cochlear implants, I desperately needed them because I faced a life of complete deaf and blindness. Apparently a question in the driver theory test asks "What does a  white cane with red stripes mean.' I think all current drivers should be updated on that. Thankfully I can now hear traffic when I attempt to cross roads and gauge how far or close a car is. But it seems drivers either don't know what my cane means or, they don't care. The jam food on accelerator and swerve round me.  I'd take note of the car registration number, but I can't see them!

On a brighter note I never usually complain about sensory loss, in fact I love to laugh at myself and laugh at my limitations too. After all, being able to l…

Scarlet Fever

A close friend of one of my little grandsons has contracted Scarlet Fever. I was relieved to learn it isn's classed as serious as it was when I was younger and it can now be treated with antibiotics, nonetheless it's can still cause high temperatures and it's horrid to see the affect of this disease on small children and it pays to be alert and aware.
Thankfully I never caught it but my older brother did when he was about 7-years-old. Our late mother would retell the story time and again. We lived abroad at the time and Scarlet Fever was much more serious then than it is now. My brother was very poorly with a raging temperature, He was delerious and tossing and mumbling semi-incoherently while she tried to sooth him. He began to mumble about scorpion's on walls and no amount of soothing would console him. After what seemed an age he eventually fell quiet with eyes closed. Mother began to doze off on the chair beside the bed. She was woken with a start when our housecl…


How I love Miracle on 34th Street and the quote "Christmas lets children create in their minds a world far better than the one we make for them." The spirit of goodwill isn't limited to or reserved for Christians as I can testify. It's a tradition that I retell my Christmas story every year. Of how my children were little more than babies and unforeseen circumstances left us dissolute not a penny of money coming from anywhere, the gas was cut off a leak in the water tank meant the electrical sockets were lethal and couldn't be used. No food heat or lights. Snuggled up under quilts on the sofa because it was to cold to go into our beds I had to tell the children Santa wouldn't be coming. The oldest one aged age six said "it's okay mummy I have you and my sister." It was impossible not to cry I;d failed my children in every sense or so I felt. Two days before Christmas in the early evening darkness there was a knock on the door, I opened it but n…


I always had a problem with sleepwalking, actually there's no telling if I still do because now I live alone. On reflection there's a few times when I've woken in the morning to find the cats locked outside when I'm sure I'd brought them in, or I've been unable to find that forbidden bar of chocolate that I'd put away for a special treat. They say sleepwalking can be hereditary and it must be..
. When one of my daughters was little we'd frequently find her fast asleep in the bath or even sprawled out on top of her dressing table. One night after we'd tucked the children up in bed my husband and I sat downstairs chatting when suddenly Emma then aged seven appreared. Without glancing up she walked to the television which was switched off, sat down and started laughing like mad. It was like a reconstruction of the film the Poltergeist I half expected her to get sucked into the set.
Apparently I'm industrious when sleepwalking, including doing hou…

Fools Gold

Western Australia is over 10 times the size of the England and has a population of 2.5 million. Before the discovery of gold in mid 1800s the population totalled approximately 10,000.  The cosmopolitan capital Perth sits alongside the Indian Ocean and is part of the Swan Valley. Home to the magnificent vineyards that produce some of Australia's most popular wines called Yellow Tail. Over half of the WA population live in and around Perth and the port of Freemantle.

My brothers and I were born to travel the world with out adventure seeking father and slightly more reluctant mother. We lived in Sydney, NSW when dad announced we were off on another adventure. It took two days on a train to travel the distance from Sydney to Perth, we spent the first night in a marvelous hotel, the next day our parents bought a truck camping gear and provisions.  I must admit that particular 'adventure was very daunting but one of the best experiences I ever had. 

It's possible to travel for hun…

Birthing Pains

New arrivals in the family are always exciting. My second oldest daughter is due to give birth to her second child after a gap of fifteen years in five weeks time. The impending birth of grandchild number twelve takes me back through the years to the birth of each of my grandchildren and children.

There's a gap of sixteen years between my oldest child and youngest one, my first three are close in age and I never expected to have any more than three. But when child number four appeared we realised the age gap between her siblings would make her feel an only child without a playmate hence arrival number five.

My forth pregnancy had progressed without hitch, it was a sudden shock when the day before my due date I felt the first pangs of contractions. My husband called the midwife who arrived quite quickly She placed her hand on my stomach and said "All is okay you're not in labour. keep moving around it'll help" As soon as she left I took her advice and turned the m…